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Writeously Correct

emanated from the spirit of a writer whose fingertips have been healing broken souls through her soothing words of comfort for several years. Because writing has always been second nature to Yolanda, she has discovered that the written word is her spiritual gift that breaks the monotony of societal standards that hinder people from engaging in unconventional communication. As a seasoned college English instructor, she has witnessed beautiful cathartic moments from her students as they poured out the pure inklings of their hearts to not only satisfy the requirements of the English course but to establish a level of trust between a student and an instructor. Therefore, Yolanda desires to create a relationship with each of her clients to ensure a professional environment that will uphold the integrity of both her business and her character. She believes in the power of every writing technique, so she is equipped and ready to journey you through the stages of the writing process. Her skills are writeously correct!!!




1. Writing in a dignified and profound way to appeal/appease to a specific audience while using standard American English




1. The removal of capitalization, grammatical, mechanical, and/or punctuation errors from a written document and/or manuscript